Monday, March 26, 2012

Adding button to a form

  1. Create a form (use the “create” tab then select the form wizard).
  2. Once the form is created, ensure you are in design view then click the design tab.

  1. Click the Button tool.
  2. Click on the form where you want the button to appear.
  3. The window shown below will appear. Select “Miscellaneous” and “Run Query” as shown. Click next.
  4. Select the appropriate query (you have to have made a query before hand). Click next.
  5. Label the button by selecting the text option. Click next.
  6. Name the button command then click finish.
  7. While still in design view create labels for your form using the Aa tool.
  8. You can colour the background by simply right clicking on it and choosing Fill/Back Colour.
  9. Resize and position the queries as required then click save to have them permanently appear in that position each time the button is clicked.

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