Tuesday, May 8, 2012

History of the internet


Some issues we will look at

  • How did the internet originate?
The origin of the internet can be reached as far back as the late 1960s. It was commissioned by the United states governement in collaboration with pricate and commercial interest to build a computer network.  The ancestor of the Internet was the ARPANET, a project funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) in 1969.

  • Who were the people most responsible for creating it?
ARPANET, science of america and world wide universities.  The project was funded by the us department of defence.
  • What system immediately preceded the internet? What was its purpose?
The Internet was created as a project in 1958 by the United States Government ARPA (The Advanced Research Projects Agency) to network computers in order to gain a technological, and potentially a military advantage over the Soviets in the middle of the cold war.

  • What is an IP packet? What is it comprised of?
An Ip packet is a small black of data that is sent independent. Internet protocol, the method by which information is sent between any two computers on the Internet.
  • What does TCP stand for? How does TCP deal with lost IP packets?
Transmission control protocol: a protocol developed for the internet to get data from one network device to another;
  • Why do computer people like everything in letters?

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