Thursday, September 20, 2012

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

1.       Define augmented reality (AR).
Augmented reality (AR) is the technology of combining real word images, video, etc. with computer-generated information and/or imagery

2.       Provide some examples of how augmented reality might be used.
-Picking furniture
-Finding Places/ Find out out street names
-Interactive Prints
-Update on social network
-Happenings around you

3.       Traditionally a user would use text entry to search for  information in say Maps or  a search engine. How does AR offer a different alternative?
AR allows the user to use their actions to find the infomation. Pointing the AR at the direction will give you certain infomation about it. It uses a filter search so you can find specific infomation.

4.       How might the following people make use of AR;

        A mechanic
"ARMAR, or Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Repair, is a head mounted display unit that provides graphic overlays to assist you in making repairs. An Android phone provides an interface to control the graphics you view during the process. Published in IEEE, and recently tested with the United States Marine Corps on an armored turret, ARMAR can cut maintenance times in half by guiding users to the damaged area and displaying 3D animations to demonstrate the appropriate tools and techniques."

        An interior decorator
It can be used to demonstrate what a certain furnish would appear like in a room and what an ideas can look like when the room is completed.

        A student

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