Tuesday, October 30, 2012

project proposal

        project proposal and outline (what you intend to do and how)

Group - Lauren, Selena, Chiedza. 

Project proposal -

We are separating the group roles:    roles and responsibilities (who is doing what)

Lauren- Will be making tutorials on google plus and Google Docs. Comparing to 2 software. 

Selena - Will be making tutorials on Youtube and skydrive. 

Chiedza- will be making tutorials on cloud and exploring all the uses. 

  •  identify your audience (age group, language, education)
The video tutorials are aimed at an audience between the ages of 12-90. The video is aimed for young or old, not matter how capable the audience is when using technology. The language that will be used to explain the programs will not be complex and will allow the audience to easily comprehend what the tutorials are talking about. The tutorials are used for educational purposes. At first the tutorials will be used for the school community to have access to tutorials that are educationally friendly and will benefit there knowledge and help them access a range of sites. 

What will the tutorials have? 
1.     The tutorials will explain how to program works 
2.     Comparing the programs to other similar programs e.g.: ever note & Google Docs.
3.     Why the programs is useful for people to use 
4.     The audience the site is aimed at
        time frame & resources (what you are going to do & how) – this will include a Gantt Chart

- I will be using the software FRAPS- which is a software that allows users to record what you are doing on the computer. By using this software it allows us to have high quality videos which allows me to edit and do voice overs. 

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